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Customize your RedCritter Classroom portal with Add-ins

RedCritter Add-ins are optional plug-in Apps that enhance your RedCritter Classroom school-wide solution. Every Add-in installs with just a click or two and adds powerful, convenient and time-saving features to your school portal. Mix and match Add-ins to create a personalized experience for your teachers, students, parents and administrators.

RedCritter Forms

for RedCritter Classroom (LMS)

RedCritter Forms adds advanced quizzing and assessments complete with auto-grading.

Version 1.0

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RedCritter Forms allows teachers to create quizzes, assessment and other form-based assignments directly in the portal. RedCritter Forms support free-form answers, multiple choice and more. Videos and images can also be included. Forms can also be created that synchronize the presentation of questions based on video progress. Advanced features include automatic grading, automatically issued rewards such as badges or points, as well as triggering practice flash cards related to missed questions. RedCritter Forms support learning standards for tracking granular knowledge and outcomes.

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