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School-wide PBIS
School-wide PBIS
Positive Behavioral Supports
Create your culture of achievement to maximize success with RedCritter Teacher
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School-wide PBIS
Positive Behavioral Supports
Create your culture of achievement to maximize success with RedCritter Teacher
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Our PBIS apps software suite for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) enable school-wide rewards for positive student behaviors. Our easy-to-implement PBIS software suite for schools creates a safe, respectful environment that is conducive for maximizing each student's achievements.
PBIS Classroom Management
Easy and effective PBIS
RedCritter Teacher simplifies your PBIS rollout. We replace time-consuming manual PBIS forms and complicated workflows with easy-to-use web-based apps. We ensure that teachers can remain focused on teaching, not paperwork. RedCritter Teacher is the industry's most comprehensive PBIS software solution for classrooms, schools and districts.
Teach and measure social skill growth - Track soft skill growth for every student and view progress over time.
Recognize positive behavior - Issue digital achievements such as badges, certificates, skill points, action points, rewards points and more.
Communicate positively - Focus on the student successes and socialize positive behaviors to inspire others.
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PBIS Classroom Management
Decrease PBIS deployment time
RedCritter Teacher can be up and running in minutes. You can even start with just a few teaches and expand across your school.
Streamline classroom management
Rather than adding forms and paperwork for teachers, we streamline classroom activities and augment every curriculum.
Enable your school and beyond
RedCritter Teacher works in the classroom and beyond, including hallways, cafeterias, libraries and even at home.
Powering the 4 elements of PBIS
RedCritter Teacher supercharges the 4 elements of PBIS.

PBIS Chart

What behaviors are you seeking to emphasize with students, parents and teachers? RedCritter Teacher comes with a starter set of behavioral interactions to get you up and running instantly. Of course you can create more achievements and rewards to incent target behaviors specific to your school.
How will you reach your behavioral goals? RedCritter Teacher provides classroom management tools to incent your desired behaviors for both students and parents. RedCritter also socializes positive behaviors in your classrooms and common areas to create a culture of respect and achievement.
How will you frequently capture behavioral data to support your PBIS decision making? RedCritter Teacher is a comprehensive data capture and analytics solution, automatically tracking positive behaviors in the class and at-home. It works for schools, districts and states ensuring you have complete and accurate data for your PBIS decision making.
How will you automate your PBIS practice? RedCritter works automatically. Teachers simply use it for classroom management and RedCritter handles data collection and analytics.
PBIS Student Profile
Engage your students
Students automatically collect their achievements on their own personal profile and they can take it with them from class-to-class and year-to-year. A student's profile is a visual journey that captures and showcases their academic achievements and efforts.
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PBIS Student Profile
Engage students
Students love RedCritter. They can track effort, skill growth and achievement on their own personal profile.
Engage parents
RedCritter sends notifications to parents when their children earn recognition in class or at school.
Socialize success
RedCritter interactive displays showcase and promote student and team effort and achievement.
Socialize success
Showcase student achievements and academic success in real-time throughout your school. Add public displays in classrooms, hallways, libraries, teachers’ lounges and parents’ visiting areas.
PBIS Social Recognition
PBIS Social Recognition
Houses (Teams) visualizations
Showcase team effort by grouping students into houses or teams and highlighting behavioral excellence.
Interactive Infographics
Display interactive infographics throughout your school. Allow school visitors, teachers and students to interact to see all the great things happening and get a real sense of the progress and culture of success.
PBIS Achievements
PBIS for the Classroom
PBIS Skill Tracking
PBIS Recognition Program
PBIS Strategy
PBIS Parents
PBIS Analytics
PBIS Dashboards
Powerful analytics for PBIS decision-making
RedCritter's PBIS solutions offer interactive dashboards and extensible reporting to easily track, monitor and visualize achievement trends across the school and district. You'll derive instant insights that will help you continuosly improve your PBIS implementation and maximize student success.
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PBIS Dashboards
School analytics
RedCritter's PBIS solution includes a school-wide database and includes interactive, visual analytics tools for informed decision making.
District analytics
RedCritter can roll-up school analytics to a consolidated district data warehouse. Districts can instantly report on and analyze achievement data from every school.
State-wide analytics
For states managing PBIS grants, RedCritter provides a state-wide big-data data warehouse containing data from every participating district and school.
PBIS Devices
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PBIS Devices
PBIS definition and FAQ
What is PBIS?
Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a system of support that promotes positive social behaviors with proactive strategies for defining and measuring positive behaviors in order to improve school climate. By creating a school climate based on respect, effort, achievement and positive social interactions students have the ideal opportunity to maximize their scholastic success.
How is PBIS implemented?
PBIS is a broad strategy. The best implementations enhance the student's learning experience school-wide and beyond - from the classroom, out to the common areas of the school such as the cafeteria and hallways even extending to every student’s home. With a strategy and software solution in place, students can gain the maximum benefit from this holistic approach.
Are U.S. Dept. of Education grants available?
States are the eligible applicants under section 14006(a)(2) of the ARRA. States have considerable flexibility in awarding or allocating their Race to the Top awards, which are available for State-level activities, disbursements to LEAs, and other purposes as the State may propose in its plan including PBIS initiatives.
Additional PBIS resources
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