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  • Recognition and Rewards for the 21st Century Classroom

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Level up your G Suite for Education

Enhance your School's G Suite for Education with RedCritter.

The RedCritter School Suite includes powerful time-saving, engagement and learning tools for teachers, students and parents.

RedCritter School Overview

RedCritter Classroom

A plug-and-play enhancement for your G Suite classrooms. RedCritter Classroom offers the same ease of use as Google Classroom, but includes powerful time-saving and learning enhancements for teachers and students.

  • Assignment management
  • Gradebook with inline Document grading
  • Attendance
RedCritter School Overview

RedCritter Achievements

Increase student engagement using digital recognition and rewards.

  • Badges and Certificates
  • Action and Skill points
  • Reward points and store
RedCritter School Overview

RedCritter PBIS

Positive behavioral reinforcement linked to classroom effort and achievement.

  • Offer a schoolwide rewards store
  • Classroom achievements translate to schoolwide recognition
  • Fully automated
RedCritter School Overview

RedCritter Houses

Increase student teamwork with Houses.

  • House points sync from classroom achievements
  • Real-time display
  • Showcase excellence
RedCritter School Overview

RedCritter Data Warehouse

Consolidate schoolwide achievement and performance data for use with reporting and big data analysis.

  • Store achievement and performance data
  • Just ask Google Assistant to get answers
  • Dashboard visualization widgets

Easy yet powerful gradebook

RedCritter School Gradebook


RedCritter Classroom's built-in gradebook makes entering and viewing students' grades effortless.

  • Inline grade editing
  • One-click access to the students' submissions
  • Easily add manual grades
  • Filter grades by assignment type
  • See grade average break-down by assignment type
  • Join a group video conference about an assignment
  • Supports weighted grades
  • Supports extra credit
  • Students can view their grades
  • One-click on student icon to view student profile
  • One-click on student icon to start a video conference

Video conferencing & tutoring

RedCritter School Video Chat

Google Meet/Hangouts

RedCritter Classroom seamlessly integrates video meetings into the classroom experience.

  • One-click teacher to student video conferences
  • Students can request meetings with teachers during office hours
  • Teachers can create video study groups

Works on any device

Video meetings work on PCs, Chromebooks, iPhones, iPads, Android phones, tablets and more.

Digital achievements








Use digital recognition to keep your students immersed in your lessons. Click a tile above to learn more.

Ask a question, get an answer

RedCritter School Google Assistant

Google Assistant for Teachers

Teachers can save valuable time simply by asking Google Assistant.

  • "Do I have any assignments ready to grade?"
  • "What is the average grade over the last 30 days?"
  • "How many absences has Erika had in the last 90 days?"

Google Assistant for Students

Students can get easy access to their school and class information.

  • "Do I have any new class announcements?"
  • "What did I score on my last quiz?"
  • "When is my next test?"


Extend and customize your Classroom features

RedCritter Classroom has an add-in platform. It allows schools to pick and choose features in a modular way.

  • Choose the features you want
  • Add new features at any time
  • Growing catalog of add-ins
  • Develop custom add-ins just for your school

Custom add-ins can be built using simple html and JavaScript.

RedCritter School Add-ins

Add-ons for districts and schools


For schools using house systems, automatically track and showcase house achievements in real-time based on in-class student accomplishments.

Learn more

Data Warehouse

Capture all your achievement data at the school and district level for integration with your existing School Information System.

Learn more


Leverage pre-built interactive dashboards and extensible reporting to easily track and monitor achievement trends across the school and district.

Learn more

How it works

The RedCritter School Suite works seamlessly with your existing G Suite for Education solution. Simply swap out Google Classroom with RedCritter Classroom and gain tremendous new tools to streamline your teachers' activities and improve student outcomes.

RedCritter School How it Works