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  • Recognition and Rewards for the 21st Century Classroom

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Imagine what RedCritter could do for your school

Elizabeth Fletcher
School Founder
Adinkra Nola
"RedCritter has been an asset to our academic program. It is easy to use and set up is simple. At Adinkra NOLA, RedCritter has helped us to develop further as a community of learners by allowing us to connect teachers, students and parents in a way that is meaningful. It has more connectivity options than many other online portals. RedCritter rewards are support a culture of encouragement and facilitate learning. Our families can track progress, our teachers can innovate and our youth have a chance to experience technology as a learning tool, tailored to their needs. We really appreciate the effort and thought that has gone into designing this 21st century learning environment. Adinkra NOLA loves RedCritter."
Mobile companion apps

Effortless achievement issuing

Our mobile companion app makes issuing student achievements in the classroom or school-wide, common areas super fast.

Rapid Keyboard™

Includes our new predictive, space-saving keyboard that locates achievements or students in one or two taps.

Flexible student selection

No more scrolling through long student lists. Select students with the RedCritter Rapid Keyboard, scan QR codes or just point your phone and use face recognition to choose students.

Instant recognition

Students receive their achievements in real-time and also in a weekly achievement email summary.

RedCritter Apps for iPhone








Use digital recognition to keep your students immersed in your lessons. Click a tile above to learn more.

Imagine what RedCritter could do for your school

With RedCritter you'll have no shortage of techiques to motivate and encourage every student to be their best. Our modular system provides integrated houses, achievements, PBIS, learning management and more.

Grant Mackenzie
Deputy Rector
Wick High School
"We, at Wick High School, have found RedCritter to be a superb solution to the problem of formalizing student rewards. Our teachers have grown increasingly confident with the system and now see it as a fundamental part of both their classroom management strategies and the whole school ethos of recognizing achievement in young people."

Travis Goulter
Head of Junior School
"RedCritter has provided our Junior School with a consistent way to acknowledge and reward learners who go above and beyond in their learning and behaviour. The ability to align RedCritter with our Social Emotional Learning program and incorporate our House reward system was a definite winner."

Learning management for schools

Are you a school decision maker?

You can now apply for early access to manage school-wide achievements and assignments.

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Add-ons for districts and schools


For schools using house systems, automatically track and showcase house achievements in real-time based on in-class student accomplishments.

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Data Warehouse

Capture all your achievement data at the school and district level for integration with your existing School Information System.

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Leverage pre-built interactive dashboards and extensible reporting to easily track and monitor achievement trends across the school and district.

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